Aston Martin Vantage Formula 1 Celebrates New Role

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    Formula 1 has listed Aston Martin Vantage as its Official Safety Car to supply medical interventions for the season. 

    F1 has been using Mercedes Benz for the purpose for the past 25 years. But this year, the face is seemingly changing. Aston Martin Vantage is undertaking the role. It will help in supplying not just medical intervention cars but also pace cars. The British firm specializing in sports cars celebrated this news with a sister version of their track vehicle, the Vantage F1. The new version has similar upgrades to the previous car. 

    Aston Martin Vantage Formula 1 Edition 

    The Vantage F1 Edition is positioned right above the existing version. It is going to be available in roadster and coupe forms. It will be available as well in the Aston Martin Green that is worn by Aston Martin Vantage’s F1 team as well as the racetrack sibling. 

    The latter was rebranded for the season from the title “Racing Point.” Consumers will be able to choose between satin or even gloss paint finishes which will be made available. No matter what color is chosen, they will get gray graphic runs of racing. It expands from the badge of the brand from the top of the vehicle and to the very back. 

    For a subtle outlook, one can still delete this graphic as per choice. It is also equipped with fire extinguishers as well as roll cages. There is gray and black leather which is microfiber upholstery. And it is standard. People will have a choice between green, red, gray, or black. 

    The sides also have a logo of the F1. The Aston Martin Vantage F1 model will be available for pre-order and in summer will come to the United States. It can be purchased from 162000 dollars, which is a 20000 rise from the standardized price.

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