OnePlus 9

OnePlus 9 Will Now Use ColorOS Used By The Oppo Smartphones

For the new OnePlus 9 series, the tech giant is set to make use of the ColorOS Android variant in China. The same variant is already in use by Oppo. Ahead of the much-awaited revelations of details of the new mobile, Gary C has made some important points.   

Around the world, OnePlus has always used and still does, OxygenOS, except in China. The product lead made the announcement, Gary C n all the forums by OnePlus. 

There is nothing different for other OnePlus 9 devices in the world. It will be unveiled tomorrow in its entirety. The device is still running on OxygenOS. However, there may be a variant called HydrogenOS. This was used by OnePlus throughout the mainland once before and is an Android version that is China-specific. 

Gary C About The OnePlus 9 Series & ColorOS 

Gary C, the lead of the product, spoke about the firm’s decision to change the Android variant for the Chinese market. 

He said that as a tech company that is “global,” they always keep looking for many ways to address “different usage habits” or even preferences of all their global users. He added that they believed that this customized “operating system” that is new would help bring a better and preferred experience for their Chinese users. 

BBK Electronics has ownership of both Oppo and OnePlus. The companies often share critical technology or even supply chains. The company’s other brand called RealMe, also utilized ColorOS. But they, too, are now developing their own software. It will be known as Realme UI.   

Very often, the brands downplay their connections to each other— often becoming competitors in a cutthroat market. But OnePlus 9 using Oppo’s software now is a conspicuous example of their newfound collaboration.