WifiNanScan App Released By Google on Google Play Store

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    WifiNanScan is one of the latest Google introductions when it comes to their history of Android apps and services. 

    This has been Google’s seeming focus— to create apps for finding objects nearby. And it has worked so far. But this time, they have kicked it up a notch. They have made another discovery app, called WifiNanScan, to experiment— you guessed it, Wifi Aware. 

    Wifi Aware is like an active internet connection between two devices. They are also known as Neighbour Awareness Networking. 

    Google On The New WifiNanScan Technology 

    WifiNanScan or Wifi Aware lets Android 8+ devices “discover” & “connect” with each other directly. The devices do not need to have any sort of connectivity amongst themselves. The API helps to discover devices nearby and make network connections to share data in large amounts. Or to even forward “short messages.” As per Google, WifiNanScan supports longer distances than Bluetooth. 

    The company explained that with the application, one could get with measurement of distance with about a meter of precision. The devices could be 15 meters apart. Researchers, OEMs, or even developers could make use of it for validating measurements in range/distance. This will lead to a transfer of data and ranging from peer to peer. Other things relying on Nan API or Wifi Aware could also take place, like applications that are context-aware and find my phone. 

    The following could be possible uses if the new Wifi Alliance:

    1: Forward to Printer a document securely.

    2: School Roll-Calls and other check-ins can be automated on the application.

    3: Make reservations and check menus for restaurants with no connection to the internet.

    4: Provide identification non-physical at official places, even like airports. This includes passports or driver’s licenses.

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