Banjo Kazooie

Banjo Kazooie Revival Being Planned By Xbox

According to his Xbox Live account, Microsoft senior vice president of games Phil Spencer recently played the Nintendo 64 classic Banjo Kazooie.

Whereas most people saw a public figure reminiscing, a subset of diehards saw it as a personal wink and a foreshadowing of things to come from the Xbox boss. On June 1, Spencer launched Banjo Kazooie on Xbox 360 for the first time. He played for around 37 minutes and received precisely one accomplishment (“Get Jiggy”) for collecting two of the platformer’s puzzle piece collectibles, according to activity-tracking websites. Since then, little progress has been made—Spencer has spent the previous several days playing Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and Elden Ring—but that has not prevented others from speculating. 

Banjo Kazooie Could Be Coming Back

According to a fresh rumor circulating the internet, a Banjo Kazooie announcement will be made during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase on Sunday. 

ModernVintageGamer, a NightDive Studios developer and popular YouTuber, was featured on the Nate the Hate show (which VGC saw and transcribed) when he stated that a Banjo-Kazooie resurrection is in the works for the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase.  

“For months, I had heard Banjo’s name mentioned by many individuals. Something is going on with Banjo, but I am not sure what it is.”

MVG went on to state that he believes “very firmly” that “a Banjo Kazooie announcement will be made at this show,” albeit he was not sure what that announcement might entail. Could the franchise truly be receiving a new installment after all these years?

We have seen a lot of Banjo Kazooie rumors in the past, and they have all been false, so keep your expectations in check and take this one with a grain of salt until Microsoft confirms it at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. If you really wanted to add fuel to the flames, Phil Spencer just released a new milestone in Banjo-Kazooie. Coincidence? Yes, almost certainly, but the internet has jumped on this, and many people are now speculating that Spencer is suggesting something through the unlocking of accomplishments.