Cozy Grove Promises A Creepier Take Of Animal Crossing

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    Animal Crossing has been one of the most popular games in recent years, mainly because of its soothing gameplay. Cozy Grove has a similar take, as there are very few games of that genre. Most games do not allow the player to just relax and be comforted while playing a game.

    Often, the game is not just a game but rather a place to seek solace and spend some time in. However, it’s been over a year since New Horizons came out and players can be searching for a different version of it. Cozy Grove promises to be just that except in a much compact package and ghosts.

    The Setting Of Cozy Grove

    Similar to New Horizons, the latest game starts you off on a deserted island and gives you the objective of making a popular town out of it. However, here, it was not always uninhabited. The island had a past that lingers when the player first arrives.

    The colors and scenery are lacking life and ghosts are your first acquaintances. However, with time and by interacting with the ghosts’, the land becomes vibrant again. The player’s constant helper is a campfire that is also sentient and is eternally hungry for spirit wood.

    The actual gameplay of Cozy Grove is identical to the predecessor. There are activities one can do such as fishing, collecting seashells, crafting decorations, and so on. There is also no time deadline. However, the game has a bit more structure to it and has specific quests. The player’s island grows as a reward for completing them.

    The game also brings something new to the plate and advises the player to get some rest. The game reminds players that the island cannot progress more after a certain point in a day. All in all, it takes not more than 20 minutes per day and be satisfied.

    The game is currently available on Apple Arcade exclusively, however, it will be launched on other platforms on 8th April.

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