Samsung Galaxy A72 Leaves A Lot Of Potential Unfulfilled

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    Historically, there has been a lot of difference between Samsung’s Galaxy A5 series and the A7 series. Contrary to tradition, the Samsung Galaxy A72 however is not vastly superior to the A52.

    Previously, the A7 line came with bigger displays, bigger batteries, higher-resolution cameras, more powerful processors, and faster charging than the A5 line. This time, the A72 only has a larger screen and a better battery along with the main camera that supports zoom. Everything else is identical to the A52.

    Specifications Of The Samsung Galaxy A72

    The specifications, however, are nothing to scoff at. These include a display with a 90Hz refresh rate, IP67 dust and water resistance, Snapdragon 720G chipset, and stereo speakers.

    The extra feature in the Samsung Galaxy A72 is a 3x telephoto 8MP camera. Samsung claims this is the same technology that is in the Galaxy S20 FE. The zoom camera feature means that there is now a model for users who cannot afford even low-end flagship phones. It also has the macro camera mode which is not exactly satisfactory, however.

    The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy A72 is enough for the full day with its 5000 mAh capacity. Charging only takes around an hour and a half, which is much faster than the A52.

    The A72 is a phone that is situated in the middle of the budget spectrum while offering a flagship experience. However, reviews are generally disappointed with the fact that the A52 offers similar performance at a much lower price. Moreover, the A52 also has a display with a 120Hz refresh rate, higher than the one in the A72. As it stands, unless the camera is a priority, the A72 does not have much to offer more than its younger sibling from the A5 line.

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