‘LG Rollable’ Is the First Flexible Phone By LG, Set For An Early 2021 Launch

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    Quite frequently, CES acts as a platform for demos for vaporware products. This seemed apt because LG has recently given a preview of the brand new ‘LG Rollable’ smartphone prototype in their press conference.

    Since 2008, CES has showcased several prototypes of the flexible display in cell phones. After the press conference, I.P. Park, CTO and President of LG Electronics stated that LG Rollable is expected to be available in the market towards the beginning of this year.

    Highly Anticipated And Exciting LG Rollable

    Rollable smartphone functions as a scroll of paper and have already been introduced by TCL and Oppo. Rollable phones are divided into two halves hidden inside the body and pulled apart to expose the flexible display.

    The 10 seconds video of the LG Rollable revealed during the press conference shows the 2 sliding halves along with a ‘growing’ screen. Although LG claimed it to be an original, it appears very similar to the TCL and Oppo designs.

    The footage shows the use of a simulated screen display and an absence of the front camera in front of the device or the bezel. It also seemed very similar to a usual phone with a standardized ratio of 19:9. After opening, the ratio of the tablet screen is 3:2. Though the footage might have been slowed down for everyone to observe the details, the process of motorized closing took a prolonged 4 seconds.

    Although TCL and Oppo had previously demoed this concept, LG has eventually decided to commercially promote and patent the idea and design of LG Rollable.

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