Google Guacamole: A Mysterious Setting On Android Eleven

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    Google Guacamole may sound premature but it is certainly ripe to become a new and amazing Android feature. With this feature, you can avoid greeting “Hey Google” when dealing with quick tasks. The company was planning to announce this feature at the conference of I/O developers on 18th May. But the secret got revealed. 

    What Do We Already Know About Google Guacamole?

    Google is testing their feature of letting you answer calls and stop alarms on your phone by commanding “stop”. With this feature, you won’t have to physically use your phone. You won’t even need to greet “Hey Google”. People came to know about it because Google Guacamole, a new and mysterious setting has suddenly appeared on the phones of Android 11 users inside their Google App. While no journalist could enable this feature, one can fairly imagine and assume what this new feature is all about. 

    Sources from 9to5Google have said that this feature will handle calls, timers, and alarms with different commands. For turning off alarms, one has to say “Stop”. For turning off timers, one has to say “Snooze” and finally for calls you have to say “Decline/answer the call”. It’s fairly simple. But none of these has worked out for any journalist because they weren’t able to access the internal website of Google. 

    If this feature sounds familiar to you, it is because Google has already managed to shove their Google Guacamole setting into the displays and smart speakers of Nest Hub/ Google Home at the I/O of Google in 2019. For about 2 years, the users of these platforms have been able to stop alarms by simply saying “stop”. Google has shared that they are constantly trying to find new ways of improving Google Assistant’s overall experience. 

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