Wireless Keychron K3 Keyboard Is Perfect With Some Compromises!

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    The Keychron K3 is amazingly thin, but it comes with a versatility cost. Anyone fishing for an affordable mechanical wireless keyboard must opt for Keychron keyboards. The latest model of the brand, Keychron K3 begins at $74.

    This keyboard, K3 combines the compact K2 75% layout and the low-key design of its keyboard, K1. The combined result comes out in the form of a keyboard that has a compact and slim form factor. K3 comes with a height that is between a keyboard having switches like in a laptop and a normal mechanical keyboard. 

    Keychron K3 Gives You A Lot Of Options To Choose From!

    If you are looking for a portable and compact board that will fit easily inside your laptop bag, this keyboard is a very tempting prospect. The Keychron K3 also comes with other features such as swappable and hot switch options which give you a completely different feel while using your keyboard without doing cross-compatibility and soldering with Mac and Windows. But if you’re not looking for a particularly thin keyboard, don’t go for it, because the low-key design of the K3 comes with many compromises which don’t make this keyboard a perfect choice. 

    The K3 also comes with either a backlight of RGB for $84 or a $74 white backlight. In the category of switches, you have two choices, you can either go for the switches of a low profile manufactured by Gateron or you can go for the optical hot-swappable switches made by Keychron itself.

    The optical switches are being claimed as more durable and responsive by Keychron. The most significant part is that the switches are not like Gateron, these switches are hot-swappable which means that one can replace and remove them without any soldering. 

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