Motorola’s Next Flagship Update Will Let It Be A Desktop

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    Motorola is set to expand the features in its flagship phone. The Edge Plus is going to receive a brand new desktop interface named Ready For. It will allow users to connect their smartphones to a bigger screen.

    Like the DeX from Samsung, the feature will let the Motorola Edge Plus function as an alternative set-top box or desktop computer. The connection can be made using a USB-C to HDMI or a USB-C to USB-C cable.

    The Expectations From Motorola’s Ready For

    Motorola expects the uses of the feature in four primary cases. The most fundamental one would be allowing it to be used as a mobile computer. Connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and the desktop could be set up anywhere. Samsung’s Dex also has this basic functionality.

    However, there are other intended uses for the feature. Users can also use it to convert the phone’s cameras as a station for the videoconference. The phone comes with a 108-megapixel primary camera and a 16-megapixel ultra-wide camera. Needless to say, it would provide a quality video experience.

    A third use would be as a gaming console. Controllers are supported and so mobile versions of popular games such as Fortnite can be played anytime. Lastly, like a set-top box, it will give ready access for all the streaming apps wherever you might find yourself resting as long as it has a TV.

    Samsung Dex and the Motorola Ready For are not the first attempts at bringing such a feature to the market. Past projects have faced failures such as Motorola’s own attempt like the LapDock accessory for Atrix 4G. However, even with the optimistic readiness of the necessary cables, this time is hoped to be different. But users will possibly be expecting more innovative ideas that involve projecting to a bigger screen than just a less powerful desktop. 

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