Samsung Galaxy A Sets Itself Up As The Best In The Category

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    Samsung has recently released the Samsung Galaxy A line of cheaper phones for the lower end of the market. The phones feature a host of specifications that are usually found on the higher end of the spectrum. The more economic siblings of the Galaxy S are poised to be a logical choice for many buyers.

    Samsung Galaxy A For “Awesome”

    There are three models in the series: A52, A52 5G, and the A72. Unlike the current flagship models, these handsets come equipped with the best features of the previous flagships. The Samsung Galaxy A series includes simple fundamental favorites such as headphone jacks. It also has a MicroSD slot that can support up to 1 TB. The box includes the charger for the battery that apparently lasts forty-eight hours. As far as cameras go, the sets come with four back lenses and boast a Super AMOLED display screen.

    The models are extremely competitively priced. In Europe, the cheapest A52 has a price tag of 349 euros. The other two sell for 429 euros and 449 euros respectively. The phones have not reached all the markets yet, however. As of Wednesday, the prices for the US have not been released nor their expected dates. Last year’s Samsung Galaxy A series started from $400. The flagship Galaxy S21 is priced at $800.

    Carolina Milanesi, the creative strategies analyst, stated that the prices are extremely good value for the number of features they are coming with. It is in no way a compromise by Samsung. 

    The new series was unveiled on Wednesday at an online Unpacked launch. The company usually reveals their best phones at this event. The previous iteration in January had seen the new Galaxy S series being shown off. This year, Samsung called it the Awesome event, with the A in Samsung Galaxy A presumably meaning awesome.

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