New Smash Bros. MultiVersus Trailer Has Superman And The Iron Giant

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    When MultiVersus was first announced, it appeared to be following a trend established by Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl in which, if you have a large library of licenses, you can try to replicate the success of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. by combining a number of well-known properties in a platform fighter and letting it loose. MultiVersus, on the other hand, has the potential to thrive where All-Star Brawl failed by feeling like a collection of characters with little else going for it.

    The characters appear to have been yanked from their games in order to attack one another. Meanwhile, All-Star Brawl lacks voice acting, the characters don’t do much that seems distinctive to them or the show they’re from, and everything feels like it’s missing that level of detail that makes Super Smash Bros. feel so special.

    Smash Bros. MultiVersus Is Interesting 

    The game has a starting roster and a verified closed alpha and opens beta at the time of its announcement. However, no release date has been set as of this writing. All we know is that the game will be released in 2022. Fortunately, new gameplay footage appears to show that the game’s production is proceeding as planned. Furthermore, with the closed beta, interested gamers will be able to test the game even sooner.

    The official MultiVersus website is presently taking applications for a closed alpha, in which a small group of people will be allowed to test the game on their preferred system. The closed alpha will run from May 19 until May 27. Don’t be concerned if you aren’t picked for the alpha. The open beta, which begins in July 2022, will be available to all participants.

    MultiVersus is set to be released for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC consoles in 2022.  

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