OnePlus Disappoints With Its 2022 Lineup

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    The 10R is one of the numerous smartphones that OnePlus is said to be releasing this year.

    This is expected to become official in May, according to current speculations. While not a direct successor, the moniker places it in the same line as the 9R and 9RT, but a recent rumor claims that the 10R will vary in a handful of aspects from those two.

    To begin with, the OnePlus alert slider will be absent from this phone. While it used to be that all OnePlus devices featured it, more and more OnePlus phones, especially non-flagship, are now releasing without it. The 10R is expected to be no different.

    OnePlus’ Mobile Strategy Is Dissatisfying 

    It’s rumored to have a centered hole-punch for the selfie camera, which was previously located on the left side of the screen on the other R smartphones. The OnePlus 10R is rumored to be nicknamed Pickle, and it might be a rebranded version of the Realme GT Neo3 (though we’ve also heard the Nord 3 could be such a rebrand, so we’re not sure which to trust).

    The 10R is anticipated to include a 120 Hz display, a MediaTek Dimensity SoC (9000 or 8100, depending on whether it’s a GT Neo3 in disguise), and 80W fast charging. OnePlus, like Apple, has a pricing policy that keeps the price of its phones the same throughout their lifespan until the new model is revealed.

    Although it is still early, the 10 Pro does not look to be a significant upgrade over the 9 Pro. The camera, display, and design all appear to be quite similar. Some improvements have been made, such as a bigger battery and quicker charging.

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