Parler, The Right-Wing Application Gets A Relaunch

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    Parler, the social media network that gained widespread popularity with the right-wing of the United States, was barred off the internet back in early January. Following the Capitol Riots, it was dropped by Amazon Web Services under charges of promoting violence. The application, with 20 million-plus users, was also banned from Google Play as well as Apple Store following this and has since been under the radar of several onlookers— gaining even more momentum. 

    It is known as an alternative to Twitter, but for the right-wing to express their opinions without any filter. The former Chief Executive Officer was fired from his position earlier this month. It was more before than announced that Mark Meckler would be the Interim Chief Executive Officer of the social media networking firm. It was also announced that with the return, the current users would have access to their accounts right away. But new users will only be able to join the application about a week later. There was also a statement that said Parler would not be based on ‘big techs’ any longer. 

    Parler’s Attempts To Return— And Arrival

    Following Amazon’s disbandment, Parler filed a lawsuit against the tech giant. It did it in order to force the huge firm to readjust their service on their hosting network. The social network said that Amazon had denied any other opportunity to then-President Donald Trump any platform for services on a big social media. This was also led by his banishment from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

    Buzzfeed recently reported that Parler had struck a deal with the Trump administration for a deal while still in office but was disbanded after Trump’s loss in the general elections. John Matze, the former CEO of the app, mentioned to a source that he had told the current Interim CEO about provisions for domestic terrorists or white supremacists to post anything on the right-wing application. 

    The application is set to return in full form later this week. 

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