Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Bugs On Game Freak

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    The new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games are among the most ambitious installments in the illustrious series yet, but sadly, it appears that performance and technical concerns are detracting from many trainers’ overall enjoyment of the title.

    As a result, consumers have only given Pokémon Scarlet a 2.9 out of 10 user rating on Metacritic, citing gameplay bugs, frame rate problems, unimpressive graphics, texturing, and more. It has sparked a lot of discussions online, with pretty much everyone contributing their own opinions, even some detractors.

    Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Has Funny Bugs

    It appears that a lot of the discussion is on Game Freak’s aptitude and The Pokémon Company International’s management of the franchise: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s recent technical issues can only be partially attributed to the outdated hardware, even though the handheld platform is now about two full generations of technology behind its competitors at PlayStation and Xbox.

    The responsibility for this largely rests with Game Freak, the Pokemon stewards, who haven’t figured out how to make the most of the Switch’s limited power for the open world of Scarlet and Violet and appear to have too short of a development cycle for new games to give them the attention they require.

    Although some technically flawed features of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been making the rounds online all weekend, a posting comparing the wide worlds of Xenoblade on the Switch and Scarlet and Violet is particularly eye-catching. It wasn’t bug-free. Nevertheless, they were mostly humorous ones. A Legendary mount would frequently vanish from the other players’ screens, leaving our characters dangling in midair with their legs extended. That is always amusing.

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