Stealth 15M, From MSI, Sheds A Lot In Trying To Be Thin

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    The Stealth 15M from MSI is designed for those who want to hide their gaming habit. However, the laptop is possibly guilty of preferring form over function a little bit too much.

    Overview Of The Stealth 15M

    The laptop’s metal design is striking to look at. Moreover, apart from the backlit RGB keyboard, people will hardly think it is made for gaming. However, the fans of the Stealth 15M are far too loud. They are also almost always purring, so it can get quite annoying for those around you.

    The cause is due to the thinness of the laptop. A gaming laptop has powerful components that generate a considerable amount of heat. However, thin means that the space inside is crammed and so there is less air for the heat to dissipate. The result: the aluminum chassis and the loud fans have to be at their best to keep it comfortable.

    MSI’s Stealth 15M is designed to rival the base model of Razer’s Blade 15. However, the Razer offers much more with its price tag of $1699. The Razer has more ports, RAM that can be upgraded, a bigger trackpad, as well as more dedicated power for the GPU. Although, the Stealth 15M is a pound lighter as well as several millimeters thinner.

    As far as gaming goes, MSI’s offering is too disappointing to be a recommendation for anyone. The laptop can run most high-spec titles at 60 fps, however, the performance is a bit choppy until some graphics settings are lowered. Moreover, the default RTX 3060 GPU can only draw a maximum of 65W. This is the minimum power requirement that the specification allows.

    The matte display on the Stealth 15M is spectacular. Videos, games and any other item looks great. The laptop weighs about 3.7 pounds and is only 16mm thick making it possibly the lightest gaming laptop with a 15.6-inch screen in some time.

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