TVision Is Being Shut Down After TMobile Strikes New Deal

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    It has not even been half a year since TMobile had announced its online streaming service, TVision. The company announced today that all three live channel bundles currently in TVision will be discontinued by April’s end.

    The announcement follows a recent partnership with YouTube and Google that TMobile agreed to. The company is now considering YouTube TV as its solution to Live TV while substituting PhiloTV for the base offering.

    Replacement For TVision

    The three packages Live Zone, Live Plus, and Live will not be available from 29th April onwards. To make up for the TVision discontinuation, the carrier is giving out a free month’s subscription to YouTube TV to anyone who was already on-board with any of the packages on the service. Moreover, all subscribers of TMobile are giving a discount of $10 applicable for the regular monthly rate which is $54.99.

    The company praised YouTube TV as being the best when it comes to the sector. TMobile intends to team up with an already experienced and established company even if that means lesser profits for the company.

    TMobile further gave a short explanation for its failed initiative, TVision. The official statement painted it as a set-up for transitioning into wireless which is contrary to what Mike Seivert, the CEO, had said. The service was originally talked about as a revolution.

    The sevice had initially started with a basic package cost of only $40 per month. However, the costs even back then were unfeasible. TVision Vibe is also being discontinued and being replaced with Philo TV. This one had an initial monthly cost of $10.

    The streaming dongle TVision Streaming Hub 4K will continue being available for purchase, however, YouTube TV will now most likely be the top featured app on it.

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