Xbox Classic Halo Days Are Long Gone

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    Not only in first-person shooters, but also in the wider world of video games, Halo has established itself as a mainstay. Not just because of the recent release of Halo Infinite, Master Chief may be one of the most well-known figures on the entire planet. Despite the fact that the Halo series has been around for more than 20 years and has evolved and matured throughout that time, many devoted fans still feel that the first three games perfectly captured the spirit of the genre. 

    Xbox Nostalgia 

    The first Halo started off small on the Xbox and grew into a hugely successful franchise for both its narrative and its fiercely competitive multiplayer.

    The original trilogy helped establish the Xbox gaming console and effectively launched Xbox Live as the series grew. It also built up a sizable fan base for itself. Although numerous more Halo games have been released since the series’ inception, none of them have been able to fully replicate the atmosphere of the early ones or their astounding influence on the video game industry.

    The original Halo had advantageous Xbox exclusivity in addition to strong FPS mechanics and a distinctive cast of characters. Halo became the Xbox’s hallmark first-person shooter, which some claim PlayStation has yet to surpass, back when Sony and Microsoft were still engaged in the console wars. These companies were always competing to attract more fans by producing platform-exclusive titles.

    With that stated, Halo immediately became well-known, which helped the Xbox gaming system as well. Although the Halo series is still incredibly successful, the influence of the first several games in the series cannot be disputed. Fans of a long-running franchise could forget where it all started, and some current Halo players might not have ever played the first games.

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