Watch Perseverance’s landing video (and hear Mars for the first time)

    Six separate cameras capturing full-color video and a microphone recording the sounds of Mars — this is how the Perseverance landing went down.

    Microsoft Edge Now Is Introducing A Request For Adaptive Notification

    Microsoft Edge has now tested their new request for adaptive notifications. The latest version of their edge is called Edge 88. It is about...

    Microsoft Office Has Its Own Unified App In iPad Now

    Microsoft has updated the mobile app for Office, which finally is now optimized for iPad. And if someone is an avid iPad user when...

    Parler, The Right-Wing Application Gets A Relaunch

    Parler, the social media network that gained widespread popularity with the right-wing of the United States, was barred off the internet back in early...

    Google Pixel Mobiles With Android 12 May Have Auto-Rotate Which Will Be Face-Based

    Google Pixel phones are rumored to be getting a new option, which will be face-based and for Auto-Rotate. This is said to come with...

    Apple’s Long And Bumpy Road To Its Cars

    Apple is known for its high secrecy. But its plans, even though a little hazy, have been in sight for years now. With not...

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