Tinder To Provide Background Checks For Its Users

    Tinder is about to test an added feature that is expected to provide more security to its users. Apps from Match-group, including Tinder, announced...

    Logitech Ear Buds G333 Comes With Nifty Adapter

    There is a new model of Logitech Ear Buds available on the market, and they feature a very special trait. Named the G333, the...

    Qualcomm’ Smart Viewer Allows One To Present Virtual Screens On Walls

    Qualcomm, the famous chip maker, is now introducing a new design for reference for their AR glasses. The AR glasses or Augmented Reality spectacles...

    Oppo’s Rollable Phone Shows Wireless Air Charging

    Oppo is on a roll, perhaps a little ahead of its peers when it comes to makin new-age technology. Xiaomi announced its idea for...

    Netflix Introduces New Feature Called ‘Downloads For You’

    Netflix, the world’s largest and most popular streaming service, is introducing a new feature. And it may just be an amazing one! What is...

    Watch Perseverance’s landing video (and hear Mars for the first time)

    Six separate cameras capturing full-color video and a microphone recording the sounds of Mars — this is how the Perseverance landing went down.

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