OnePlus V Fold Will Be Released In 2023

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    The “OnePlus V Fold” and “OnePlus V Flip” are rumored to be released later this year, making them the first foldable smartphones from OnePlus. Nevertheless, a recent leak suggests that the “OnePlus V Fold” is not a replica of the Oppo Find N2.

    It has been widely speculated that OnePlus will effectively rebrand Oppo’s flagship foldable for the worldwide market, including the United States, this year, coinciding with the predicted explosive growth of the foldable industry. To a great extent, we anticipated the “OnePlus V Fold” to be a replica of Oppo’s excellent Find N2 from late last year. On the other hand, Digital Chat Station suggests that the “V Fold” and its predecessor may have fewer characteristics than previously imagined.

    OnePlus V Fold Has A Unique Design

    This foldable tablet will have a “big screen” with a display resolution of “2K.” It is not quite in sync with the Oppo Find N2’s resolution of 1792 x 1920, which is essentially enhanced Full HD, but it is close enough to call it that. The internal resolution of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is only 1812 x 2176.

    This might mean that the “OnePlus V Fold” will include different hardware from the Find N2, albeit what those differences would be yet to be revealed. Given that the Found N2’s small size would make the requirement for higher resolution moot, the improved screen resolution of the Fold also hints that the Fold will be bigger. Notably, Google’s Pixel Fold is also said to offer a bigger display, however, details on the device’s resolution remain scarce.

    It is unclear what exactly OnePlus’s first foldable will deliver to the market, but the anticipation is building. Meanwhile, Oppo has released the Find N2 Flip, its first foldable smartphone for sale throughout the world.

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